Mr. Dudu

Teacher's favourite assistant tool.

Mr. Dudu is a robotic teacher waiting to assist teachers and students. It teaches interactive educational concepts in an engaging way.

AI Integrated Education

AI integrated education makes interaction more comfortable and convenient for both students and teachers.

Companion to Teachers

Provide support for teachers in conducting tests, Quiz, and teaching tools.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The curriculum includes concepts on English, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, and a lot more.

Why you need My Talking Tree?

Student's learning partner and teacher's assistant.

Conceptual Learning

Focus on conceptual learning that transforms traditional lessons into captivating experiences.

Entertaining Stories

My Talking Tree seamlessly weaves educational content into engaging stories of joyous exploration.

Exciting Quizzes

Dynamic quizzes and flashcards are crafted for effortless retention and an entertaining educational experience.

Audio Video Lessons

Crafted lessons cater to diverse learning styles, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable educational journey that leaves a lasting impact.

Captivating knowledge in every concept

Scatters Charm Everywhere

My Talking Tree serves a valuable purpose in a variety of public spaces, including schools, hospitals, showrooms, hotels, events, theme parks, malls, play areas, and beyond.


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Greet, engage, and guide through its interactive abilities.

Play Areas

My talking tree is a fun learning companion for kids that goes beyond books.


Child-friendly entertainment solution during parental shopping sessions.

Endorsement of Excellence