How Mr. DUDU Works for Your School

Mr. DUDU brings the most advanced technology called Artificial Intelligence right into your school. The three Mantras of visual, aural, and verbal interaction shall revolutionize the learning ability of your students. We bring you the technology used by global researchers and scientists to improve their own learning.

Even More Powers of Mr. DUDU

Best Brand Ambassador

Creates a deep sense of self motivation among parents and children to enroll in your school.

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Commendable Improvement in teaching efficiency and learning skills.

Knowledge-Rich Curriculum

Best Methods from Global Teaching and Learning Standards.

Understands Indian Children

Specialized AI to understand the mindset of Indian Children Like Never Before

Mr. DUDU the Specialist –Deals with

Teaching through the Box

Thinking out of the Box is obsolete Idea. Mr. DUDU will train you how to teach through the BIG BOX. Get to know everything from attention attraction to advanced skills of training the typical Indian Children.

Pampering the Parents

Smart parents are never satisfied with their children’s progress in schools today. Mr. DUDU transforms every child into a true genius to pamper the parents. Complaints from parents are pasT. Your school gets more compliments than you can imagine.

Nurturing Responsible Citizens

Mr. DUDU is more than just a teaching assistant. He will follow the Green Guidelines to transform your students into responsible citizens. They carry the name and fame of your School around the world as they grow and branch out.

Wanted to know more about MR. DUDU
and its amazing Intelligence?

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