Mr. DUDU makes every question an opportunity

Mr. Dudu is an AI-integrated robotic tree that enhances learning with speech, expressive actions, and engaging educational content for children in schools and interacts in public spaces.

Mr. DUDU is not Limited to Books

Encourage your children to not only focus on academics but also to cultivate a diverse range of skills with My Talking Tree.

What makes My Talking Tree unique?


Integrating AI with traditional teaching for personalized learning.

Interactive Approach

Promoting active student engagement through questioning.

Natural Language Processing

Enabling intuitive student interaction with learning materials.

Go beyond simple answers with Mr. DUDU

What's Inside the Box

Additional Details

  • Brand - My Talking Tree
  • Character - Mr. Dudu
  • Material - Polyurethane and polystyrene
  • Domestic Warranty - 1 YEAR
  • Box Weight (g) - 33.500 kilograms(approx.)
  • Width (mm) - 90 cm (with Hands)
  • Height (mm) - 210 cm (with branches)